WWO - For Relationally Intelligent Pupils, Staff & Schools

Working With Others builds relational intelligence in children, staff teams
and school communities
. It is a practical approach to explicitly and intentionally developing the skills, attitudes and understanding that all children need to be independent learners and learn and play together.

Grounded in evidence based research and through close collaboration with schools and teachers, WWO has been used for over 10 years across the UK and internationally.

Equipping children for life
with prosocial skills and the understanding of how to learn together, accelerating learning and raising attainment. Children are able to work independently, support each other, stay focused and on task for longer.

With greater awareness and practice of effective communication skills children are more confident, work with a wider range of peers and can problem solve together. WWO creates safer, more inclusive and respectful classrooms and schools.

Taught how to take responsibility for themselves and each other, children feel safer and are happier, less stressed and more resilient.

Working With Others supports staff teams in working more effectively together. It builds greater trust and develops cohesive teams by increasing their awareness and understanding of the building blocks of skills needed to cooperate and collaborate. Not only does this enhance staff teams but it also enables them to be better role models of the skills with pupils.

In schools where WWO has been implemented the results and impact have been noticed by Ofsted, local authorities, parents and the National Healthy Schools scheme.

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